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Queen Bunny Project – Organizing my Schedule as a Writer

Every time I need a Reset button, I turn to the Queen Bunny Project. This is the title I give to the plans that bring me closer to my ideal life. Right now, I need to make some adjustments in my schedule in order to achieve my yearly goals (both writerly and personal), which is what this project is all about. If you’re interested in a simple strategy to reorganize your own life and meet your goals, I’ll show you mine, and hopefully it will inspire you. It’s really simple and does not recquire a tutorial, but I like lists and bullet points, so there you have it. Enough intro, grab a pen and paper and read along!

You might have heard this before, but they say it takes 21 days to build a habit. Therefore, this project will be one month long. April, to be exact.

Step 1 – find your motivating project title.

I believe it helps if the project sounds especially made for you, which is why I always personalize the names of, hm, everything! xD In case you did not know, I consider rabbits to be my spirit animal <3

Step 2 – design your schedule.

Depending on how long you want your project to last, creating the schedule can be as simple as this. I personally enjoy a certain level of minimalism.

Step 3 – list the daily habits you’re trying to acquire.

Make sure to prioritize those things that will take you closer to your ideal self. Choose an icon to symbolize each and write them down next to your schedule.

Step 4 – do the same with your weekly goals.

Mine were just house chores reminders, because being a proper adult is a legitimate goal x’P

Step 5 – plan your ideal daily routine.

Now, you don’t have to stick to this. I definitely won’t; my days don’t always look the same. However, writing this down made it easier for me to acknowledge how much time I have and don’t have, when I enjoy doing most things, etc.

Step 6 – by the end of every day, open your schedule page and check the things you did. 

If you want, write a short reflection on the day – how you felt, your productivity, what you’re grateful for, etc. I will personally do this to keep track of the project.

By the end of the month, I will update you guys on my progress. I would like to hear about how your plans are going too! Let’s start the second quarter of the year on the right foot (even if that’s your left). You can do it!

Under a lucky star,